We have been breeding Labrador Retrievers since our black lab, Katie had her first litter in 1998. She had 14 puppies that litter and many of them went to friends and family right here in Turner. They have all proven to be healthy, happy, family dogs. Several of them hunt birds and are very good at it.

Kate's second litter came 3 years later in 2001 in which she had 13 puppies. From that litter our son, BJ, kept a male named Amos. Amos has become our primary stud dog. He has proven to have beautiful puppies no matter who we mate him with. Like his mother he throws 3 colored or "rainbow litters."

In May of 2001 we purchased a white lab, Snowy with the intent to have a mate for Amos. Snowy was an excellent hunter. Katie trained her well.

In March of 2003 we purchased 2 adult yellow females to add to our now growing harem for Amos. Over the course of the year we purchased a chocolate and 2 more yellow females. We had 3 litters of pups that year.

In 2004 we added 5 more adult females - 3 chocolate, 1 black, and 1 yellow. We had 10 litters of puppies in 2004. We had everything from big litters of 14, to small litters of 1. We had all yellow litters and rainbow litters. We kept a black male to follow in his father's footsteps.

The majority of our puppies go to families with small children to be family pets. We have heard from many of our customers who are extremely happy with their dogs. Our puppies grow up to be mellow happy dogs with Amos's wonderful temperment. Our list of satisfied customers grow longer each year.